It's Diet, Diet, Diet

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It's Diet, Diet, Diet

Post by fear » Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:31 am

Hey everyone,

I don't post here often, but I do follow the conversations from time to time. I was the dude that's fasted a few times for 7-12 days to see what might happen. No measurable success.

Anyway, after fasting most recently about a year ago, I decided that instead of focusing on elimination, I would study prevention of lipomas. So I've gone hardcore diet for over a year now and I've learned some incredible things:

Note that all of these things may only be in my particular case, though I wouldn't be surprised if it's the case for all of us. Anyway...

Sugar. That's it. The amount of glucose in your bloodstream. I've seen this suggestion come and go in discussion, and I've always had issues controlling blood sugar. I've always consumed foods and drinks that are GI top listers or simply sugar dense.

I've recorded all sorts of data in the last two years and I've kept measures of new lipomas and locations, as well as anything reactionary to every food and drink consumed. I know my lipomas better than anything else in this world. I'm going to dress up the information into a nice little google doc and I hope to share it eventually. It will take time because I'm very busy with other things at the moment, but here is the most important thing I have recorded in its non-scientific format:

- Diet of only beef, chicken, spinach, completely plain shredded wheat (the only grain I can tolerate, which does turn to glucose in the body but ineffectually for my lipomas), unsweetened almond milk, eggs, water, and black coffee for months, and not a single new lipoma. No old ones grow. None of them itch or hurt like they have before. It's like FML went away, with the exceptions of the old ones just sort of hanging out there.

- Then purposely add one high GI piece of fruit. Boom, old lipomas hurt and itch. Go back to old diet, and the symptoms stop.

- Wait a week, no symptoms, add a cereal to diet with only a modest amount of sugar per serving, symptoms come back. Purposely eat like this for a week anyway to monitor and...Boom: new, very small and painful lipoma on my left arm.

- Go back to diet, all symptoms stop again. Then rinse wash and repeat with all sorts of different foods in a controlled approach. It is diet, I am certain. I have purposely repeated this cycle several times and it is always the same.

This may not all seem very scientific in the form of this post, but my data is as closely knit to the scientific method as is possible.

Here's the short story on what I think our bodies are doing: It seems to me that your body identifies when toxic loads of glucose have oversaturated your blood. This can cause significant damage to your vital organs, so what does your body do? It reroutes the glucose into a mature fat cell where it is of no issue. It's like a loaded vehicle pulling off the crowded interstate to park off a nearby smaller road. Many of my lipomas are symmetrical. The three I have in my left inner thigh now are in exact relative location to their femoral vein as the three that I had removed in my right inner thigh were to their femoral vein. Dumping sugar into a overgrown fat cell is my body's way of preventing a far worse situation due to glycemic overload.

The underlying cause about why the sugar overload exists is likely different for all of us. Diabetes for some, liver damage for others, food sensitivities for some, or maybe it's just drastic sugar consumption. The body knows that a mature fat cell is not going to kill it like hyperglycemia or diabetic coma.

Anyway, I'll publish it one day, hopefully soon. In the mean time, play around with your own sugar intake and see what happens. Make sure you actually understand how the sugar thing works though. I spent years thinking that there wasn't sugar in something just because it said 0g on the label. Not the truth. I have also measured that dairy and vegetable oils are damaging too, not sure why, but boy do I know that they are for me.

I'll be back.
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Re: It's Diet, Diet, Diet

Post by matt » Thu Aug 17, 2017 3:30 pm

Thanks for posting, I do believe you have some good points there. I can notice that some foods have an affwect to my lipomas, especially alcohol.
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Re: It's Diet, Diet, Diet

Post by parshub » Thu Aug 31, 2017 2:35 am

I'd second that too. For the past few years, I have observed that a diet high in carbs and fats makes the lipomas increase both in size and number, and they hurt more. Alcohol and stress also have the same effect. A green and lean diet has the opposite effect, except that the number of lipomas wouldn't reduce ever.
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