Recurrence of deep seated lipoma(s)

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Recurrence of deep seated lipoma(s)

Post by Shoulderlipoma » Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:41 pm

I have been trawling the internet for a while trying to find answers and finally found this forum. Perhaps I can get some insight here.

Around 2010, I started having this shoulder pain that would just not go. Painkillers did not help, neither did physiotherapy. After seeing multiple doctors, when an MRI showed what looked like a cyst pressing on a nerve my doctor suggested an arthroscopic surgery. A surgery was performed and I was told that it was not a cyst but multiple lipomas of varying sizes. This was in 2014. My doctors did not know what could cause this and I couldn't find much other than journal articles online. I had for a brief period taken violin lessons in 2009. I had read that sometimes lipomas can come from some trauma, I don't know if learning violin had caused any trauma. I must say that my hand and shoulder muscles were not very strong at the time.

The surgery gave me a lot of relief but then within a year's time some pain was back. It was back to seeing doctors and going thru the whole process again. While an MRI in 2016 showed possibility of another cyst/lipoma, my doctor was not convinced. Finally after another MRI last November which showed very similar results to the one in 2014, my doctors have decided on another surgery. The cyst/lipoma is not exactly in the same position as last time, but a little to the right.

Has anyone here had any similar experiences with deep seated lipomas. There is no inkling of their presence if you just looked at my shoulder. Only the MRI was able to show something. I'm trying to understand why did it come again and if there is a way for me to prevent this from happening. It took me a long time to convince my doctor that something was wrong again and I had to suffer thru the pain as nothing seemed to help.

My surgery is scheduled for next week. I'm hoping this would be the last time I have this issue. Would love to hear any suggestions that might help. Should I be asking my doctor anything specific before the surgery?
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Re: Recurrence of deep seated lipoma(s)

Post by matt » Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:20 pm

Hi Shoulderlipoma!

Thanks for posting! It is actually quite common to get new lipomas to the location of a previous one. I have the theory that lipomas do spread but it could also be that not all the lipoma cells were removed. Additionally, it is a possibility that the trauma of the surgery caused a new lipoma. There's no way of knowing and to this date we unfortunately do not know (atleast we can't be 100% certain) how to completely stop new lipomas from appearing. That being said I strongly suggest you to take look at some of our lipoma prevention agents that have worked atleast for me (and I know many others too) to slow down the lipoma formation process. Note, you do not need to take them all but atleast some since they all have scientifically proven antitumoric properties. It's upto you to deside what to use and different supplements seem to work differently between the lipoma sufferers.

Please continue to study the forum there is lots of info here!
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