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Re: Lipoma Sufferer

Post by Lipomasufferer » Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:27 pm


I've been suffering from Lipomas for almost as long as I can remember recently I underwent surgery to remove a lipoma the size of a tennis ball on my thigh. This was only a few days ago so I'm still recovering as I type this.

I've been keeping a journal as to what happens when a "fatty tumour" appears on my body. I personally do think diet plays a far more important role than doctors would like to admit, I mean the surgeon who operated on me a few days ago said there were a wide variety of causes but admitted that he didn't know what caused them.

This is a section taken from my "lipoma" journal - this morning I felt a tingling, throbbing sensation near my leg, top right corner near the knee. It's hard to describe like a bulging sensation. I think when a lipoma appears my body does this.

I've noticed that if I eat non-veg especially chicken, lamb, pork or any red meat my body seems to spurt out these "fatty deposits" and then I regret ever eating these foods again regardless of how much I like these foods. But is there a correlation with diet and "lipomas". I'm at a loss as to what to do next. So do you think diet does play a important role in the forming of these "fatty lumps".

Here is an example of my diet taken from the "lipoma" journal
  • Non-veg: chicken caused throbbing near my stomach
  • Non-veg: lamb caused throbbing on my arm
  • Coffee: white chocolate mocha caused throbbing in aspects of my body
  • Had coffee with sugar today, throbbing on thigh when I checked there was a small "fatty" deposit forming. Sugar could cause the formation of these lumps

My impressions are that some of these foods my body cannot tolerate and that's what these "fatty lumps" occur. The other possibilities are that my body cannot process -pre-processed foods and then these happens. What are you thoughts? Do the natural herbal techniques really work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated?
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